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On view through June 23, 2024

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ΩA ωα


On view February 14 through June 23, 2024


ωα brings forward a visually enriched narrative that reimagines the traditional imagery of the black body in Christian art to empower lesser-known subjects through the canon of art history. Interweaving the oral histories and stories of Afro-Cuban religions, Rosales's depictions of the black body illuminate parallels in classical Western narratives while confronting the historical language of the Eurocentric male gaze. Referencing Greek, Roman, and European imagery, ωα inverts the narrative of how faith and orthodox-based stories are told, envisioning a new beginning rising from an end.

图像: 哈耳摩尼亚罗萨莱斯 (b.1984) Yemaya和Ibeji, 2022, oil on wood panel, Courtesy of Azita and George Fatheree.


PhotoUrbanism in San Francisco Bay, 1930s-1960s 

On view February 14 through June 23, 2024

skyscraper being built

Photographers interested in the ‘decisive moment’ often utilized the camera’s innate mechanical qualities to capture real-time experiences and explore modern art concepts of pattern, 对比, and light through the lens. The practice dominated mid-20th-century photography in the West. From the construction of the Bay Bridge to the revolutionaries of the Black Panthers, this exhibition features work by Ruth-Marion Baruch, 约翰·古特曼, Pirkle琼斯, 彼得Stackpole, 布雷特韦斯顿, 还有Max Yavno, whose photographs captured moments that came to define social urban history in the San Francisco Bay Area. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Pier 24 and the Pilara Family Foundation.

图像: Pirkle琼斯 (1914-2009) High-rise Construction and Coit Tower from Russian Hill, San Francisco, 1962, Vintage gelatin silver print, Promised Gift of the Pilara Family Foundation.



Continuing through June 23, 2024

Hold It Lightly by 丽莎Congdon

Illustrator and fine artist Lisa Congdon's current body of work, 轻轻握住它, explores themes of joy, 解放, and radical inclusion displayed on printed matter featuring her bold, 色彩斑斓的 illustrations and hand-lettering. Congdon's work elevates mundane, simple shapes into discourse with symbols from nature and the supernatural in pared-down, 不拘小节, 色彩斑斓的, organized arrangements and graphic renderings. Typically working in paint, 轻轻地拿着 represents the artist's first exhibit of printed matter. 

图像: 丽莎Congdon (b. 1968) 轻轻地拿着, 2023, Serigraph, ed.1/50, Courtesy of 丽莎Congdon, Saint Mary's College 艺术博物馆 Permanent 集合, 2023.3.17.


Art Practice Student Capstone Exhibition 

On view May 23 through June 23, 2024


Across mediums of digital art, painting, photography, sculpture, video, and mixed-media, 嵌合 bridges time, place, and perception. The artists hold a mirror up to the onlooker and invoke introspection on what it means to be human, commenting on identity, 文化, 和现实. Featured Artists include Alexa Andris, 奥利维亚Bianic, 安德里亚Drenik, 贝利Drenik, 天蓝色Escobedo, Keaton Gershen-Lewis, 玉约翰逊, 加布里埃尔Ly, 凯莉立克, Soren彼得森, 尼齐Russo, 和Kjersti Strong. 



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