Saint Mary's 盖尔人的安全 App


Introducing the 盖尔人的安全 App

圣玛丽 College of California is putting safety in the hands of SMC community members. From sharing info on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards, 盖尔人的安全 allows students and 校园安全 to communicate in two-way, real-time interactions. 

盖尔人的安全 offers a number of features to help keep our campus community safe. 学生, 工作人员, and faculty can sign up for campus messages and notifications, 例如, including fire safety information, building evacuation plans, and timely information on emergencies and disasters.






Student on phone

Features That Offer Peace of Mind

Other features include the ability to have 校园安全 check on you if you are working or studying alone; you can also have the app auto-call you every hour, and if you do not answer, one of your designated emergency contacts is notified along with your shared GPS coordinates. Learn more about the app's capabilities: 

Receive emergency notifications

Get notified of campus emergencies and incidents even when 盖尔人的安全 is not running.


Have your real-time location sent to a contact or 校园安全. The feature serves as an emergency button in case of a crisis, offering peace of mind. Learn more in this short video.

Virtual Walk 首页

Let 校园安全 know where you're headed so they can keep a watchful eye on you. Virtual Walk 首页 uses location services to monitor your progress to your destination, and it can activate the call function on your device to contact 9-1-1.

Mobile BlueLight/Panic Button

Simultaneously send your location to—while calling—校园安全. Serves as a blue light / panic button in your pocket. 

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Reporting Capabilities

Using the "Report a Tip" feature, report suspicious activity, 犯罪, facilities outages, 和更多的, all in real-time. 


Trigger an outbound call that allows you to gracefully exit a potentially dangerous social situation.


With the 安全工具箱, chat directly with 校园安全, download a campus map, send an "I'm OK!" message, 和更多的.

圣玛丽 盖尔人的安全 is a professional, customized app developed by AppArmor对, which specializes in safety technology for higher education and other sectors. The company produces a full suite of tools designed to help individuals stay informed and safe in a variety of environments and situations, including custom-branded mobile safety apps, emergency notification systems, and incident reporting platforms.

访问 the AppArmor对 site to learn more, or watch a short video to learn about the company and its products. And download 盖尔人的安全 today!